Crack a new egg!

Windy Ridge quail eggs are a healthy and delicious alternative you’ll love!

It’s no secret.

Chicken eggs
are boring.

It wasn’t too long ago that the dairy sections of our local stores were packed with the same old boring chicken eggs. Sure, there are a few brands and “options” on the shelf: brown, white, omega-3... but in reality, they all look and taste the same.
Introducing farm-fresh quail eggs!
Quail eggs in a carton

An exciting alternative to chicken eggs.

Tiny but mighty quail eggs are naturally delicious, nutritious and affordable. Unlike chicken eggs, they have a higher yolk-to-white ratio, which means a rich flavor and creamy texture. And they’re perfect for clean eating, intermittent fasting, keto, low-carb and paleo diets.

So much goodness in one tiny egg.

Quail eggs are what some foodies call a “superfood.” We’re no fans of fancy-schmancy labels, but those people might be right. They’re naturally rich in a range of nutrients. Plus, they boost your immunity, support your respiratory system, promote healthy skin and more!

Always fresh… guaranteed.

Windy Ridge quail eggs come fresh from our small, family-owned farm in Saint Anns, Ontario to hundreds of local supermarkets across Canada and the United States. It’s never been easier to say “no” to the same old chicken eggs and spice up your egg life!
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Quail Egg Quail Egg Quail Egg Bowl of soup

Our Farm

The best eggs come from happy quail.

Because the most delicious eggs come from happy birds, we go to great lengths to keep ours chipper. Our quail grow in a cushy environment, where they enjoy a delicious and nutritious grain mix from local farmers, drink double-filtered water, breathe fresh air and never receive antibiotics or hormones.
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From the roost

Read up or get cooking!

Get your burning questions answered on our Quail Eggs 101 blog, or make a fun recipe from the Windy Ridge Kitchen.
Give quail eggs a try! Don’t be chicken.
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