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About Windy Ridge Quail Farms

Small but mighty, just like our eggs.

Windy Ridge is a family-owned farm in Ontario, Canada that's on a mission to spice up your egg life with a real alternative... quail eggs! These tiny but mighty eggs are naturally delicious, nutritious and affordable. 

The popularity of quail eggs continues to rise. Foodies love them for their looks and taste, health-conscious consumers seek them for their nutritional benefits, and many ethnic consumers are excited to find this familiar ingredient at their local store.

Our History


Founded in 2002, our small but mighty farm has grown to become one of the largest producers of quail eggs in North America. Our all-natural eggs are laid by healthy and happy hens, with no antibiotics or hormones.

We believe quail are a healthier, happier bird than chickens — and their eggs should be available to more people. Today, Windy Ridge Quail Farms ships millions of fresh quail eggs each week to hundreds of local supermarkets across Canada and the United States.

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Windy Ridge Quail Farms Launches Fresh New Rebrand

Rural Ontario family farm reveals new look in response to growing demand for quail eggs

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Employee Profiles

Aaron Oosterhoff

Owner & CEO

Aaron’s passion for quail eggs began when his uncle, Clarence Oosterhoff, founded Windy Ridge Quail Farms in 2002.

Raising birds whose eggs have so many health benefits was something Clarence believed was good for everyone — he believed that more people should have access to this amazing alternative. Aaron experienced this passion firsthand as a teenager, while working at the farm after school and during the summers.

He eventually trained to become a certified electrician, but Aaron’s love for raising quail — and the farming lifestyle — never wavered.

That’s why Aaron and his wife Lyndsay took over the farm in 2016, becoming sole owners. Today, the same dream Clarence had of making the small but mighty eggs available to more people is still in place. The fresh energy that Aaron brought to the business has seen Windy Ridge grow between 20–30% year-over-year since 2016.

Gerardo Rosales

Farm Manager

Gerardo came to Windy Ridge from Zulia, Venezuela, where he earned a Bachelor of Veterinarian Science in Animal Production at the University of Zulia.

Since he graduated, Gerardo has grown into an accomplished doctor of veterinary medicine. His specialization in quail and poultry farming has revolutionized how we grow, raise and care for our hens.

In his 20 years as a vet, Gerardo’s roles have included managing multiple cattle farms in Venezuela, overseeing a large-scale quail hatchery and now overseeing day-to-day operations at the Windy Ridge farm.

In his spare time, Gerardo is passionate about finances and investing, offering financial planning services outside of work.